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Business Lines

We both produce and distribute resins and waxes for different applications, both from Natural or Synthetic origins…


Natural and synthetic waxes from stable quality. Ideal for cosmetics, candles, pharmaceuticals, food additives, adhesives, paints, polishers, cleaning and other industries.

Agrakem - Ceras Vegetales

Vegetal Waxes

Carnauba, Soy, Rice Bran, Palm and more…

Agrakem - Ceras Minerales

Mineral Waxes

Paraffins, Microcrystallines, Emulsions…

Agrakem - Ceras SIntéticas

Synthetic Waxes

Fischer Tropsch, Polyethylene Wax, Oxidized PE Waxes, Micronized and Emulsions


Modified colophonies form either Europe or South America for the cosmetic, food and industry sectors in general. Hydrocarbon resins C5, C9 and DCPD and Silicone oils for industrial applications.

Agrakem - Colofonias

Gum Rosin

Gum Rosin and its Derivatives

Agrakem - Otras Resinas

Other Resins

Silicon Oils and Hydrocarbon Resins

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