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Vegetal Waxes

Mostly sourced from South America and Asia. Main applications are into the cosmetics, food, emulsions, and candle industries. We are constantly looking for developing new products from renewable sources…

Carnauba Wax

Characterized by a strong emulsifying power, with high melting point and glossing effects. Our AKCW-T1 is the ideal product for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Meanwhile, our AKCW-T3 is the most common version, highly used for the fruit coating applications, leather treatment, gum and candy base among other industrial applications. Least but not last, the AKCW-T4 has a darkish appearance, highly used in the shoes shinning industries and others.

Rice Bran Wax

Produced from the rice oil extracted by the plant´s brans. Presents similar aspects as the Carnauba Wax and is an important choice for Vegan formulations as its technical parameters can be of a match to the bees waxes. AKRW011 is a more refined grade used mainly in the food, pharma and cosmetic industry. AKRW021 can also be used in cosmetics but is ideal for industrial applications as Thermal Transfer Ribbons, emulsions, plastic additives and others…

Soy Wax

AKSW150 with melting point ranging from 50 to 54ºC, is an ideal product for the candle jar manufacturing. Can also be used in cosmetics and crayon manufacturing. Free of impurities, is supplied into 25 kgs bags.

Sugar Cane Wax

Produced from the byproducts of the sugar cane production in Central and South America, our AKSC076 is a 100% sustainable wax which helps increase the efficiency of the sugar producers worldwide. Its higher melting point, around 80ºC, permits to compete with the other vegetal waxes acting as hydrophobic agent, matting agent and scratching resistance for surfaces, ideal for printing inks and others…

Palm Wax

AKPD459 and AKPD400 are both hydrogenated and with a whitish appearance. They can be a Good solution for increasing the melting point of paraffins or reducing the effect of high oil contents in semi refined paraffins. Can also be used in the cosmetic industry. AKPD554 is an special blend characterized by its SUPER WHITE appearance and with an intermediate melting point. Bringing effects as demolding agent in silicon molded artisans candles.

Stearic Acid

AKPD103 is a fatty acid from vegetal origin, triple pressed, with potential to be used into many applications from the candles industry, cosmetics and others… Our grade AKPD160, is an specific fatty acid used as additives in the rubber industry.


We can Supply water base emulsions of Carnauba or Rice Bran Wax for applications ranging from fruit coating, leather treatments, wooden coating, flooring, natural paints and others. We are at your service to develop customized products aiming to solve your specific needs.

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